Our consulting rates are listed below. We provide a one time complimentary one hour phone conversation with each new client.

Our consultants scheduled during any of the prepaid services below are industry leaders and senior management partners in the firm. You can rest assured that you will get the best value when you pre-purchase time for a BizTech consulting expert.

Prior to scheduling a chargeable service as listed below, BizTech requires advance payment by cheque or credit card (through PayPal). Once we have received payment, BizTech will contact you to schedule a time, based on the services purchased.

Service Listing & Rates

Client Site Visits

* $2,450 per consultant per day

* $10,500 per consultant for 35 hours


  • 35 hours Client Site visit is available to clients across Canada. 35 hour visit must be during 5 consecutive weekdays.
  • Out of pocket expenses such as travel & boarding from BizTech's head office in downtown Vancouver will be invoiced separately.

Client Proposals

  • Standard service quote & proposal/Email - Free
  • Customized scope proposal with customized client scope project plan, schedule and resource allocation - $300

Ad-hoc Remote Consulting

  • Ad-hoc Remote (phone/webex) Consulting - $250 for one hour and $450 for 2 hours per consultant.
  • Pre-engagement adhoc or discovery phone calls & remote (phone/webex) consulting - First 1 hour free, then $250 for one hour or $450 for two hours per consultant, payable in advance.

Consulting Retainer

  • Retainer rate - 50 hours can be purchased at $300 per hour. See retainer terms below prior to purchasing.*

*Retainer Terms

  1. Ad-hoc Consulting Rate of $300/hour is applicable.
  2. Fee of $15,000 CAD to be pre-paid within 5 business days of contract execution and prior to start of consulting services.
  3. Any out of pocket expenses such as travel, etc. to be billed separately in accordance with our billing and payment terms.
  4. Each phone/video call/conferencing based consulting meeting/services will be billable at a minimum billable time of 30 minutes per consultant.
  5. Any on-site meetings at client site will require a minimum of 7 billable hours per consultant per day.
  6. Statement of Work (SOW) contract for ad-hoc consulting services is for consulting advice, review of artifacts, etc. and not for any deliverable or work product(s). If client requires any deliverable or work product(s) from the allocated 50 hours, an addendum to the SOW contract will be required to outline the deliverable(s) and will be based on BizTech’s estimate of effort required for each deliverable or work product.
  7. BizTech will require at least 5 business days advance notice to schedule meetings or consulting services, unless mutually agreed otherwise.
  8. If client requires scheduled meetings to be cancelled, an advance notice of 5 business days prior to the day of the meeting will be needed. If a 5 day advance written email notice of meeting cancellation is not received, the time allocated for the scheduled meeting will be charged to the client’s account.
  9. The ad-hoc consulting rates listed here-in are valid until December 31, 2021.
  10. A 'Retainer Rate' Statement of Work (SOW) is valid for 4 months (‘contract term’) from the engagement start date listed on the SOW and purchased retainer hours are to be used within 4 months from the SOW start date. Any balance of hours not used during the SOW contract term will expire and cannot be applied towards any new or renewal SOW.
  11. Client’s account balance for consulting hours will be available for client viewing over the internet and will be updated on a weekly basis.